Public Safety

Providing law enforcement with the tools to ensure safe communities.



  • Act 3 of 2017 (Ward) gives residents the option to get a state driver’s license or photo ID card that meets security requirements imposed by the federal REAL ID law.
  • Act 20 of 2017 (Rafferty) increases fines and suspends the licenses of repeat offenders of Pennsylvania’s “Steer Clear” law. 
  • Act 22 of 2017 (Greenleaf) allows police officers to use body-worn cameras to record statements and actions at a crime scene.
  • Act 30 of 2017 (Rafferty) provides for chemical testing and other measures related to driving after imbibing alcohol or using drugs.
  • Senate Bill 5 (Langerholc) prevents local jurisdictions from imposing firearms ordinances more restrictive than laws passed by the General Assembly. 
  • Senate Bill 10 (Reschenthaler) requires municipalities to report illegal immigrants who are arrested and pose a danger to Pennsylvania communities and residents.
  • Senate Bill 242 (Baker) transfers enforcement authority for the Pennsylvania One Call System from the Department of Labor and Industry to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
  • Senate Bill 449 (Bartolotta) allows Magisterial District Judges to use a risk assessment tool when determining bail in domestic violence cases. 
  • Senate Bill 510 (Reschenthaler) increases the penalty for threating law enforcement officers, sheriffs or members of their family. 
  • Senate Resolution 6 (Vulakovich) updates the comprehensive study of fire and EMS issues completed in 2004.
  • Senate Resolution 75 (Mensch) directs a review how Pennsylvania accounts for and analyzes forensic evidence kits (rape kits).

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