Senate Bills 930 and 1154 and House Bills 826 and 1618

Senate State Government Committee

Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 12:30pm

8E-B East Wing


Senate Bill 930 (Stefano)
Amends Title 62 (Procurement) to provide for recognition of women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses and veteran-owned businesses.

Amendment A05976
Creates a new Chapter 22 that provides for the recognition by the Department of General Services of PA-based diverse businesses, by replacing the current language in its entirety.

Senate Bill 1154 (Vulakovich)
Legislation to modernize the Civil Service Act.

House Bill 342 (Gabler)
Provides for a ten signature requirement for nomination petitions of candidates for school director.

House Bill 826 (Gingrich)
Requires fiscal impact statements for all executive orders.

HB 1618 (Fee)
Creates an independent Office of Inspector General.