Senate Bills 910, 1031, 1155 & 1156 and House Bills 794 & 1329

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

April 5, 2016

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

Senate Bill 910 (Senator Smucker) Enacts the basic education funding formula developed by the Basic Education Funding Commission.

Re-reported as amended: 23-3

Senate Bill 1031 (Senator Gordner) Amends Title 18 to re-authorize the Independent Counsel.

Re-reported as committed: 23-3

Senate Bill 1155 (Senator Reschenthaler) Amends Title 75 providing for special registration plates for active members of the armed forces of the United States.

Re-reported as committed: 26-0

Senate Bill 1156 (Senator Sabatina) Makes updates the Child Protective Services Law to include health care personnel and clergy.

Re-reported as committed: 26-0

House Bill 794 (Representative Gillespie) Increases the maximum allowable hotel room tax from 3% to 5% for 54 counties currently authorized to impose the tax under The County Code.

Re-reported as committed: 24-2

House Bill 1329 (Representative English) Establishes the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable Act (CARE).

Re-reported as committed: 26-0