Nomination Hearing Acting-Secretary Dennis M. Davin DCED

Senate Community, Economic & Recreational Development Committee

Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
12: p.m.
Room 461, Main Capitol

Nomination Hearing
{Acting} Secretary Dennis M. Davin
Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)


  1. Welcome Comments – Senator Ward, Chair and Senator Wiley, Democratic Chair
  1. Roll call of CERD Committee Members to establish quorum
  1. Introduction by Senator Matt Smith (District 37) of {Acting} Secretary Davin
  1. Administer oath/affirmation to {Acting} Secretary Dennis M. Davin (DCED)
  1. Testimony by {Acting} Secretary Davin
  1. Questions by CERD Committee Members
  1. Motion(s) for roll call vote for nomination recommendation (favorable/negative/none)
  1. Adjourn to call of the Chair