Senate Bills 356, 398, 663, 683 & House Bill 911

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

Senate Bill 356 (Senator Folmer): Amends the Local Tax Enabling Act to further provide for filings and quarterly payments of the local earned income tax by persons who make their living from farming.

Re-Reported as Committed: 26-0

Senate Bill 398 (Senator White): Amends Title 20 providing for use of driver’s license or identification cards to indicate organ or tissue donation.

Re-Reported as Committed: 26-0

Senate Bill 663 (Senator Vulakovich): Allows for the termination of the parental rights of a father who is convicted of rape of the mother of the child.

Re-Reported as Amended: 26-0

Senate Bill 683 (Senator Pileggi): Addresses the collection and testing of DNA evidence by police.

Re-Reported as Committed: 23-3

House Bill 911 (Representative Barrar): Amends Title 35 relating to 911 emergency communications.

Amendment: A02041

Amendment: A02053

Re-Reported as Amended: 26-0