Senate Bills 129, 202, 299, 307, 370, 862

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

Monday, June 15, 2015

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

Senate Bill 129 (Senator Wiley): Amends the County Pension Law to clarify that county pension cost-of-living adjustments do not need to be calculated retroactively.

Senate Bill 202 (Senator Schwank): Amends the Uniform Crime Reporting Act to require institutions of higher learning to report the number of sexual assaults that occur on campus and to provide certain information to students and victims.

Senate Bill 299 (Senator Baker): Amends Title 35 to provide for incentives for municipal volunteers of fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical services agencies.

Senate Bill 307 (Senator Yudichak): Requires DEP to appoint an independent counsel to the Environmental Quality Board.

Senate Bill 370 (Senator White): Extends the grant eligibility period for consolidated volunteer fire companies and ambulance services.

Senate Bill 862 (Senator Smucker): Provides for changes to the child abuse clearance sections to coordinate with changes made to the Child Protective Services Law.