Senate Bill 877 and House Bills 447 and 613

Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee

Wednesday, June 24, 2015, Off the Floor in the Rules Room

HB 447 (Saylor) – Bill Summary: Amending the act of April 6, 1951 (P.L.69, No.20), entitled “An act relating to the rights, obligations and liabilities of landlord and tenant and of parties dealing with them and amending, revising, changing and consolidating the law relating thereto,” providing for death of a tenant.

  • HB 613 (Ward) – Bill Summary: Authorizing local taxing authorities to provide for tax exemption incentives for certain deteriorated industrial, commercial, business and residential property and for new construction in deteriorated areas of communities; providing for an exemption schedule; and establishing standards and qualifications.
    • Amendment A02439 (Fontana) This amendment would prohibit anyone receiving a tax abatement under this bill from structuring the transaction in a way that would allow them to avoid paying deed transfer taxes. This amendment would apply statewide.
    • Amendment A02485 (Fontana) This amendment offers definitions and clarifying technical language. It also removes the criteria that the public hearing shall be used to consider the property’s boundaries and replaces it with language that establishes the area as impoverished or blighted.
  • SB 877 (Argall) – Bill Summary: Amending Title 53 (Municipalities Generally) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in consolidated county assessment, further providing for appeals by taxing districts, which will eliminate spot appeals of property assessments in Pennsylvania.
    • Amendment A02412 (Argall) This amendment provides technical clarification that the term “taxing district” is used throughout legislation. Provides for clarification instances when an affected taxable person may appeal. Amendment also clarifies that appeals for affected taxable persons will coincide with the annual appeals dates set by the county assessment bureau for 2016.