Senate Bills 16, 525, 851, 1048, 1086, 1160, 1235, 1266, 1271, 1324 & 1341 and House Bills 1452, 1619, 1841, 1842 & 2025

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

September  26, 2016

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

Senate Bill 16 (Senator Yudichak) Establishes a lead task force within the Joint State Government Commission.

Senate Bill 525 (Senator Greenleaf) Authorizes joint ventures between correctional facilities and private industry.

Senate Bill 851 (Senator Greenleaf) Addresses procedures applicable to victims of human trafficking.

Senate Bill 1048 (Senator Vulakovich) Amends the Breach of Personal Information Notification Act (Act 94 of 2005) to require notification within a specific time period.

Senate Bill 1086 (Senator Rafferty) Prohibits inhibiting the operation of electronic toll collection systems and provides for the suspension of a driver’s registration for unpaid tolls.

Senate Bill 1160 (Senator Alloway) Addresses fees for services provided by sheriffs and deputy sheriffs.

Senate Bill 1235 (Senator Baker) Extends the sunset provision for the Underground Utility Protection Law and moves oversight to the Public Utility Commission.

Senate Bill 1266 (Senator Tomlinson) Provides for additional consumer protections in the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.

Senate Bill 1271 (Senator Browne) Addresses school attendance of a child placed in detention or shelter care.

Senate Bill 1324 (Senator Williams) Establishes the Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Act.

Senate Bill 1341 (Senator Mensch) Provides for performance-based budgeting in state agencies.

House Bill 1452 (Rep. Gillespie) Provides for discounted hunting licenses for Hunter Trapper Education instructors.

House Bill 1619 (Rep. Topper) Enacts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Act.

House Bill 1841 (Senator Killion) Amends the Medical Practice Act for temporary graduate perfusionist licenses.

House Bill 1842 (Senator Killion) Amends the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act for temporary graduate perfusionist licenses.

House Bill 2025 (Rep. Reese) Provides for 60-day registration cards for “in-transit” vehicles and permits PennDOT to impose monetary penalties on licensed inspection stations for non-compliance.