Consideration of SR 171, HB 62 and HB 138

Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee

September 30, 2015

Room 461


I. Call to Order by Chairman Vulakovich

II. Consideration of Legislation

*SR 171 (Argall) (LBFC Study of State Veterans Homes Services)
Amendment #03435 (changes “private sector care facilities” to “privately owned or managed health care facilities” – adds two more areas to be included in the report – requires the report to be done within 6 months as opposed to December 31, 2016)

*HB 62 (Knowles) (Title 35/Health & Safety: Extends the period of time that merged fire
companies/ambulance services can receive Fire Grants)
Amendment #03417 (makes HB 62 identical to SB 370)

*HB 138 (Farry) (Title 35/Health & Safety: Permits PENNDOT and municipalities to authorize first responders to solicit donations at intersections)
Amendment #03439 (provides PENNDOT and municipalities immunity from liability and makes technical changes to the approval process)

III. Adjournment