House Bills 34, 49, 423, 613, 1118, 1455, 1600, 1618, 1864

Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting

Monday, October  17, 2016

Off the Floor in the Rules Room

House Bill 34 (Rep. Nesbit) Amends Title 42 with regard to arbitration proceedings.

House Bill 49 (Rep. Sainato) Enacts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Act.

House Bill 423 (Rep. Simmons) Provides civil immunity to school bus drivers who administer an epinephrine auto-injector to a student.

House Bill 613 (Rep. Ward) Establishes the Tax Exemption and Mixed-Use Incentive Program Act.

House Bill 1118 (Rep. Vereb) Amends the Crimes Code and the Commonwealth Attorneys Act to provide for an independent counsel.

House Bill 1455 (Rep. Pashinski) Amends Title 75 to delegate administration and enforcement of parking ordinances and resolutions to parking authorities in cities of the third class and second class A.

House Bill 1600 (Rep. Mackenzie) Amends Titles 51 and 71 to provide an exemption for the payment of a business fee for a veteran-owned or reservist-owned small business.

House Bill 1618 (Rep. Fee) Creates an independent Office of Inspector General.

House Bill 1864 (Rep. Harhart) Amends the Cosmetology Law to allow for reasonable fees to be charged by cosmetology schools for services performed.