Senate Bills 1013, 1047, 1067 and House Bills 49 and 602

Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee


November 18, 2015
Room 461

Call to Order by Chairman Vulakovich

Pledge of Allegiance

Consideration of Legislation

*SB 1013 (Hughes) – Bill Summary – (Title 51/Military Affairs: Allows private employers to adopt and use a veterans’ preference employment policy)

Amendment #04252 (Technical Amendment – Conforms Definitions to Current Law & Removes Legislative Findings)

*SB 1047 (Vulakovich) – Bill Summary – (Administrative Code: Permits Veterans Homes to retain vending machine revenues)

*SB 1067 (Yudichak) – Bill Summary – (Title 51/Military Affairs: Extends the eligibility period for the Amputee and Paralyzed Veteran’s Pension Program)

*HB 49 (Sainato) – Bill Summary – (Emergency and Law Enforcement Personnel Death Benefits Act:  Extends the $100,000 death benefit that is currently available to other emergency responders to members of the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol)

Amendment #04250 (Technical Amendment – Conforms HB 49 to current law as a result of Act 1 of 2015)

*HB 602 (Barrar) – Bill Summary – (Title 51/Military Affairs:  Increases the active duty pay for National Guard personnel from $75 to $100 per day)