Brubaker’s Disposition of Remains Bill Signed Into Law

HARRISBURG – Governor Corbett has signed into law Senate Bill 586, legislation sponsored by Senator Mike Brubaker (R-36) requiring Pennsylvania to recognize a federal document outlining a deceased service member’s request regarding his or her remains.

The new law, known as Act 45 of 2013, specifically requires the state to honor the expressed wishes of a service member as contained in the Record of Emergency Data (Department of Defense Form 93). This form designates an individual who is to be responsible for the service member’s disposition of remains if he or she would die while in active duty.  The form is updated before a deployment or every 12 months during an annual personnel review to ensure the federal government has the most up-to-date information regarding a service member’s wishes. However prior to this new law, Pennsylvania has not been required to recognize the document as an acceptable form for the military.

“I am so pleased this legislation received the full support of my colleagues in both chambers of the Legislature and has been signed into law,” he said. “It’s time we clarify that these decisions be determined based upon the wishes of the person in military service as authorized on the form and avoid instances of civil actions between family members over the ultimate disposition of a fallen service member’s remains.”

The Commonwealth now joins 40 other states in recognizing the federal document.

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