Chloe’s Law now Act 130 of 2014

Governor Tom Corbett has signed into law the Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act – or “Chloe’s Law,” according to Senator Randy Vulakovich, who championed the measure in the Senate.

House Bill 2111, sponsored by Rep. Jim Marshall (R-Beaver), is now Act 130 of 2014.  Senator Vulakovich introduced the Senate version – Senate Bill 1339.

The Act will ensure that expectant mothers who receive a prenatal diagnosis for Down Syndrome receive the support and education they need to care for and enhance the quality of life for their child.

“I call this bill ‘Chloe’s Law’ after an incredible child with Down Syndrome,” said Sen. Vulakovich, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Aging and Youth Committee. “This Act simply requires doctors to provide complete information to women who receive a prenatal diagnosis for Down Syndrome so that they are better informed with regard to the positive outcomes of giving birth to a special child such as Chloe.”

Chloe Kondrich, a child with Down Syndrome, was Senator Vulakovich’s inspiration for the bill.  Her father, Kurt Kondrich, stated, “I would like to thank Representative Marshall and Senator Vulakovich for their commitment to this legislation.  Chloe’s Law will ensure that families who are expecting a child like my daughter will receive factual, supportive information about the services and resources that are available and they will be able to see that children with Down Syndrome are a priceless gift to their families and communities.”

Under the Act, the Department of Health will make available up-to-date, evidence-based information about Down Syndrome that has been reviewed by medical experts and national Down Syndrome organizations.  The information will include physical, developmental, educational and psychosocial outcomes; life expectancy; clinical course; intellectual and functional development; treatment options.  It will also include contact information for First Call programs, support services, hotlines specific to Down Syndrome, relevant resource centers, clearinghouses and national and local Down Syndrome organizations.

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