Committee Approves Bills Supporting Veterans

The Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee today (April 14) approved a bill intended to help needy veterans through the sales of a special motorcycle license plate, according to Senator Randy Vulakovich, Committee Chairman.

The committee approved and sent to the Senate, Senate Bill 285, a bill introduced by Senator Lisa Baker that would allocate a portion of the funds raised through sales of an “Honoring Our Veterans” license plate for motorcycles to the Veterans Trust Fund. The trust fund assists veterans in need of help with food, utilities, mortgage or rent payments, health care and other necessities of life.

Senate Bill 284, legislation introduced by Senator Baker authorizing the special license plate, is currently before the Senate Transportation Committee.

“This special license plate would give motorcyclists the opportunity to show their support for our veterans not only while riding, but through the money that would go to essential services and programs,” said Sen. Vulakovich. “I was pleased to move this bill through my Committee and onto the Senate for consideration.”

The Committee also approved House Bill 157, legislation introduced by Representative Doyle Heffley that would ensure that a service member’s military education and training are taken into consideration for the purpose of fulfilling requirements for professional credentials.

“Our armed forces provide superb education and training opportunities in a wide range of professional and technical fields,” said Sen. Vulakovich. “It only makes sense to take that knowledge and expertise into account when it comes to licensing and certification. This will help many veterans as they move into comparable professions in the civilian world.”


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