Corman: Gov. Wolf Mischaracterizes Executive Nomination Process for Senate Consideration

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement in response to a press release distributed yesterday by Gov. Wolf concerning the administration’s submission of executive nominees for Senate consideration:

“I do not appreciate being spoken for and Gov. Wolf’s press release is a complete mischaracterization of the events surrounding these nominations. We informed Gov. Wolf’s staff several days ago and as late as yesterday that this was not an agreed to process, yet, the governor still chose to send this release.

“I did not and could not commit the Senate Republican Caucus to confirming a blank slate of 12 nominations. Unlike Gov. Wolf, I take the Senate confirmation process very seriously. It is entirely up to each nominee to earn the confirmation vote of each Senator.

“Never in my 17 years in the Senate has a Governor – Republican or Democrat – shown this type of disrespect for a member of the General Assembly. I am dismayed Gov. Wolf would issue a release while knowing that the member did not approve of what was being said.”

Sen. Corman plans to further address this issue personally with Gov. Wolf.


Jennifer Kocher –