Corman Releases 4,900 Documents in NCAA Lawsuit, Calls for NCAA to Investigate, be Accountable

HARRISBURG – In releasing more than 4,900 pages of documents amassed as part of his lawsuit against the NCAA, state Senator Jake Corman (R-34) outlined the manipulative tactics used against Penn State University and called for the NCAA to investigate and hold accountable the responsible parties.

“In essence, these documents show that those leading the NCAA saw the livelihood and the core of our community as a game to be played,” Corman said. “It’s a game – that until recently – they thought they had won. What began as an effort to keep the $60 million in fines in Pennsylvania to benefit our children, has instead shone a light on the organization that claims in its core values to be committed to integrity.”

The sworn depositions and accompanying exhibits are posted at Corman encouraged everyone who has an interest in the case to read the documents. An abbreviated narrative also reveals the truth about how the NCAA conducted itself and that the NCAA’s motives were improper.

“The organization designed to instill fair play and respect in our student athletes engaged in unsportsmanlike tactics,” Corman said. “Despite knowing that it lacked legal authority to impose the Consent Decree, the ‘extremely image-conscious’ NCAA engaged in trick plays in order to make an example of Penn State.”

Corman called on the NCAA Executive Board to thoroughly investigate the conduct of NCAA President Mark Emmert and his Executive Staff. The documents show that Emmert misled the NCAA Executive Board and Penn State by threatening to impose penalties that were “harsher than staff believe can be gained through the standard enforcement process.”

Corman mailed copies of the depositions to the state’s Congressional Delegation with the request that they use the power of Congress to investigate the NCAA’s actions. Copies also will be mailed to the NCAA Executive Committee in order to make certain its members have full access to the information.

“The Executive Committee members need to know firsthand – not through the filter of their attorneys, the media or others – exactly what was discussed by Mark Emmert and his employees as they targeted Penn State,” Corman said. “Once they read these sworn depositions, I firmly believe that the Executive Committee will arrive at the same conclusion I have reached – the NCAA has a culture problem. Mark Emmert is not credible and should not be leading the NCAA.”

The documents show an attorney for Penn State told University officials that the NCAA sought to “make a bold stroke for reform for athletics” with Penn State as the example.

“As my case moved toward trial and we reviewed all of the documents, what we found was that in the end, the party worried about furthering their image and protecting their culture was the NCAA,” Corman said.

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