House Bill 162

Senate Aging and Youth Committee

September 16, 2014
Room 461, Main Capitol


Call to Order by Chairman Vulakovich

Pledge of Allegiance

Consideration of Legislation

HB 162 (Benninghoff) – Bill Summary – (Title 23/Domestic Relations:  Adoptees Access to Original Birth Certificate)

Statement by Rep. Kerry Benninghoff

Statement by Helen Blair Schuler, Administrator, Montgomery County Orphans Court Services

A09412 (Wagner) would open up all original birth certificates; however, birth parents could mark “No Contact” on the birth certificate.

A09414 (Mensch) would (1) open up a three year window for birth parents – providing them an opportunity to either open up the original birth certificate or to file a “Denial of Release” form; (2) require the Department of Health to create the Denial of Release form; (3) stipulate that if a Denial of Release form has not been filed after three years, the original birth certificate would be open; (4) require birth parents (at the time of birth) to file medical and social history information on a form to be developed by the Department of Health; and (5) stipulate that upon the death of a birth parent, the original birth certificate would be open.