House Bills 1702 and 2204 and Senate Resolution 62

Senate Aging & Youth Committee

June 10, 2014

Room 461


I.  Call to Order by Chairman Vulakovich

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III.  Consideration of Legislation

*HB 1702 (Ross) (The PA Community Adult Respite Services Program Act) | Summary

A07437 makes several technical changes as well as adjusting the role of the AAA’s as it relates to eligibility.

*HB 2204 (Simmons) (Early Intervention Services System Act:  Homeless Infant & Toddler Eligibility) | Summary

A07422 makes an appropriation of $640,000.

*SR 62 (McIlhinney) (Legislative Budget & Finance Committee Study of the “Cliff Effect”) | Summary

IV.  Adjournment