House Bills 278, 1298, 1654, 2111, Senate Resolution 225

Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

9:30 AM

Room 461, Main Capitol

HB 278 (Baker) | Summary – Amends the Fiscal Code to provide for Medical Assistance reimbursement to critical access hospitals.

HB 1298 (Farry) | Summary – Amends the Administrative Code to provide for the certification of drug and alcohol recovery houses by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

Amendment A08106Directs the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to study the certification process in other states and the costs and benefits to the Commonwealth in lieu of beginning a certification process at this time.

HB 1654 (Cruz) | Summary – Amends the Newborn Child Testing Act to include some lysosomal disorders.

HB 2111 (Marshall) | Summary – Creates the Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act.

Amendment A07961 Deletes the name of a specific program and organization and replaces them with a more general reference

SR 225 (Teplitz) | Summary – Directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study the impact of the Human Services Block Grant Pilot Program