News for Constituents

Fall Flu Season

Fall flu season is kicking off on a few new notes, according to the PA Department of Health (PA DOH), which is disseminating updates for your protection.

The Enterovirus D68, H3N2v, and seasonal influenza are each commanding the attention of the healthcare community.  In response, the PA DOH is providing access to updates on the latest incubation, duration, and recommended treatment protocols for each of these viruses.

In general, the PA DOH recommends the following tips to prevent contact with a viral infection and to help avoid its spread: 

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds.  
  • Exercise care when changing diapers. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, 
  • Cough into your sleeve or a tissue. 
  • Avoid kissing, hugging, and sharing cups, eating utensils, etc. with anyone who is sick. 
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces and objects, such as counters, doorknobs, and toys.

Consult the PA DOH regularly for updates and additional prevention information. 

PA State Police News and Crime Prevention at your Fingertips

How often do you read in the news regarding burglaries- someone entered the home through an unlocked window – asks the Pennsylvania State Police?

State Police statistics reveal 65 percent of all burglaries were by forced entry, while another 28 percent required no force, relying instead on unlocked windows or doors. 

Consult the Home Burglary Prevention Guide for a series of tips to increase your home’s security.  The PSP also recommend taking steps to prevent home invasions.  Meanwhile, remain abreast of PSP news and information to enhance your safety and security. 

Fraud Watch and You

The envelope looks very official and the address appears to be just down the highway in the next town.  The institutional name sounds familiar; perhaps it sounds like one of the new mergers you saw in the headlines.  More importantly, the offer sounds too good to be true. 

If it sounds and looks like it is too good to be true, it is, according to the Consumer/Investor Alerts distributed by the PA Department of Banking and Securities

Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent debt consolidations offered by mail, phone, or online are just a few of the schemes devised to abscond with your money and your identification.  Counterfeit cashier’s checks, claims for delinquent loan payments or supposedly deactivated credit cards are among the tactics scammers cite to gain access to your money. 

Alert the PA DOB’s Office of Consumer Services or call 1-800-PA-BANKS (800-722-2657) to file a complaint against any company or individual regulated or licensed by the Department.  

Fall Prevention Awareness in PA

Every 11 minutes, an older Pennsylvanian is hospitalized for a fall-related injury, according to the PA Department of Aging

Pennsylvania’s 52 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) kick off every autumn with programs, classes, and an informational campaign to prevent falls among our senior population. 

Through the AAA, PrimeTime Health offers health screenings, nutrition programs, fitness classes, medication management, and chronic condition self-management workshops for Pennsylvanians over the age of 50.  Connect with a conveniently located senior center to increase your physical and social activities. 

Go Outside and Play – Kids in Nature

Recent research indicates obesity in adolescents has tripled during the past 20 years, while time spent playing outdoors has been cut in half.  Outdoor activity improves school performance, motivation, thinking skills, math skills, life science skills, standardized test performance, and language-arts development. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources with its program, Kids in Nature, is sounding the alarm to inform parents and promote opportunities to reverse this disconnect with nature. 

Kidsylvania is Waiting for Your Family 

North, south, east, and west, VisitPA is ready year around to treat your family to Kidsylvania.  

Catch the beauty of a PA autumn on your way to a one-, two- or three-day road trip to your favorite corner of Pennsylvania or a new destination filled with kid-friendly activities and attractions. 

Children’s museums, zoos, aquariums, carriage rides, duck boats, botanical gardens, amusement parks, and miniature golf are all waiting for your family.  Go for the activities, stay for the food

When planning your trip, VisitPA is loaded with lodging options.  Stick to the traditional with area hotels and motels or go off the beaten path for campgrounds, cabins and cottages