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Everything You Need to Know About Higher Education Financial Assistance

The online 2016 PA Student Aid Guide enables students and families to chart a course for higher education unencumbered by unnecessary student loan debt, according to the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.  Hard copies are also available through local high schools and libraries.

This complete student aid publication helps students and their families make informed decisions through its tools and resources, including:

Students and families can now complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid rather than waiting to apply after January 1 for admission during the 2017-18 school year.

Safely Encountering a PennDOT Line Painting Truck 

More than $6 billion in road maintenance and construction projects across the Commonwealth are capped off with line painting, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

PennDOT reminds motorists that in order to avoid paint splatters on their car and ruining wet lines on roadways they should:

  • Exercise caution;
  • Stay back 500 feet from the line painting truck;
  • Avoid driving on wet paint lines; and
  • Avoid passing paint trucks which pull over periodically to let traffic pass.

More than 110,000 miles of traffic line painting begun during the spring and summer, will continue through this fall.  Consult the 511PA “Travel Info to Go” map by clicking the empty box between the word “Construction” and the traffic cone symbol above the map.  Clicking on the traffic cone symbol will then reveal construction details allowing you to tailor your trip, as necessary, to the roadwork ahead.

PA Red Light Law Changes Coming to a Complete Stop Remains

Motorist must still come to a complete stop under Pennsylvania’s new red light law, Act 101 of 2016, according to the PA Department of Transportation.

The measure, deemed Ride on Red is intended to provide a legal option when motorcycles, small cars, and other vehicles, fail to trip the sensors at a red light.  Motorists may then proceed with caution only AFTER coming to a complete stop to comply with the legal requirements of the new red light law.

Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, Title 75 subsection 3112, (c) (2), now requires treating a malfunctioning red light as one would a stop sign.  The measure is intended to solve a practical problem while ensuring traffic safety.

Weather Patterns Take a Toll on Fall Foliage 

The unusual weather and rain patterns of summer and fall 2016 are making for a less than spectacular leaf peeping season, according to the Pennsylvania Departments of Environmental Protection and of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Motorists, on the other hand, are navigating amidst fallen and blowing leaves.  Add in fog, sun glare, and frost and driving becomes hazardous.  With increasing deer activity during breeding season, motorists must be aware of the potential sudden appearance of deer on or along the roadways.

The PA Department of Transportation is offering a series of Traffic Safety and Driver Topics focusing on fall driving safety tips.  Motorists are reminded to call 1-800-FIX-ROAD if a dead deer presents an obvious traffic safety hazard.

Spotting the Spotted Lanternfly

What is an inch-long, has black spots and lays egg masses of 30-50 eggs?

Arriving in the U.S. from China, India, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea, and discovered in 2014 in Pennsylvania, the spotted lanternfly is a threat to PA’s agriculture, including the $20.5 million grape and nearly $134 million apple industries.

Any specimen found outside the designated quarantine area should be captured in a jar filled with alcohol to kill it, preserved, and turned over for evaluation by the Penn State Extension or contact the PA Department of Agriculture at  You may also call the Invasive Species Hotline at 1-866-253-7189 for further assistance.

Saving Pennsylvania’s Most Endangered Historic Resources

Historic preservation is a recognized revitalization tool in neighborhoods and downtowns, spurring economic development through increased property values, tourism promotion, and environmental protection, according to Preservation Pennsylvania.

Individuals, communities and organizations, and corporations are encouraged to join Preservation Pennsylvania and begin assessing their community’s architecturally and/or historically significant properties threatened with inappropriate alteration.

To assist in achieving preservation goals, all Preservation Pennsylvania members receive:

  • Preservation News, a monthly e-newsletter,
  • Preserving Pennsylvania, a quarterly printed newsletter,
  • Pennsylvania At Risk, an annual print publication,
  • Commonwealth Impact Report, an annual Preservation PA report,
  • Special event invitations,
  • Preservation Pennsylvania activities discounts,
  • Advocacy Alerts, and
  • One free Historic Properties for Sale listing.