Sen. Corman Statement on Gov. Wolf’s Inauguration

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement following Gov. Wolf’s inauguration:

“I appreciate Gov. Wolf acknowledging that the most pressing need in Pennsylvania is change.  We must work together to change the structural deficit problems in the state. We have a bucket that is leaking. It would be a misstep to persist at putting water in the bucket without first plugging the leak.

Today Gov. Wolf underlined the demographic and economic changes that we know have happened since those programs were implemented.  I look forward to working with him on making the important and needed changes to impact those problems. I await the opportunity to hear the specifics on Gov. Wolf’s ideas in the coming weeks.

“Our top priority remains to control spending and keep taxes down for working families and job-creators. We must continue to promote fiscal responsibility, ensure that government lives within its means and work to bring consensus on issues that are important to state residents.”

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