Sen. Erickson’s Community-Based Health Care Bill Signed into Law

For Immediate Release

Program Will Expand Access to Primary, Preventative Care

Harrisburg – Sen. Ted Erickson’s (R-26) legislation to spur the development and expansion of community-based health care clinics was signed into law Tuesday by Governor Tom Corbett, paving the way for residents to gain greater access to these vital health care facilities.

Senate Bill 5, now Act 10 of 2013, creates the Community-Based Health Care Program in the Department of Health to provide grants to community-based health care clinics in Pennsylvania.  Gov. Tom Corbett pledged a $4 million appropriation for the program in his 2013-14 proposed budget.

Senator Erickson thanked Governor Corbett for his strong support of the legislation and remarked that “The involvement of Governor Corbett and his staff was instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 5

“Across Pennsylvania, clinics play a vital role as part of our healthcare system, and their importance will continue to increase,” Senator Erickson said. “Clinics deliver high-quality and cost-effective primary health care regardless of patients’ insurance status or ability to pay. Additionally, clinics cut overall health care costs by reducing the number of expensive emergency room visits and avoidable hospital admissions.”

Act 10 will expand access to primary and preventative care across the state by providing funding for health care clinics, including nurse-managed clinics, volunteer clinics and hospital-based clinics.

Erickson urged the federal government to join with Pennsylvania in making a greater investment in community health care clinics. “The new federal health care law, regardless of Medicaid expansion, will provide subsidies to citizens to purchase health insurance. But, even with health insurance, individuals will not be able to access the care that they need without the capacity in the health care system,” said Senator Erickson.

“Governor Corbett is providing a $4 million dollar investment in health clinics, but we need more funding from the federal government to increase the availability of primary care throughout the Commonwealth,” Senator Erickson added.  “Additional federal funds for community-based health clinics will actually help to reduce health care costs and enable more state residents to get the health care that they need in the most appropriate setting.”


Michele Hansarick