Senate Bills 1210 and 1314 and House Bills 1831, 1938, 1939

Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
9:30 a.m.
Room 8E-B Main Capitol


S.B. 1210 (Pileggi) – An Act amending the act of December 8, 2004 (P.L.1801, No.238), known as the Transit Revitalization Investment District Act, in general provisions, further providing for definitions; in TRID creation and location, further providing for criteria for proposed TRID, for TRID designation, for implementing authority, for TRID planning study factors, for roles and responsibilities of public transportation agencies and municipalities and for amendments to TRID planning study; in land development powers of public transportation agencies, further providing for development or redevelopment of property; in value capture approaches, further providing for creation of value capture area and for dedication of tax revenues; providing for capture of TRID tax revenue; and, in community involvement, further providing for public meeting to explain TRID and alternative implementation approaches.

S.B. 1314 (Wozniak) – An Act designating the bridge on State Route 3023, Johns Road, Johnstown, Cambria County, as the Clara Barton Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 1831 (Regan) – An Act designating a bridge on that portion of State Route 15 over the Yellow Breaches Creek, Carroll Township, York County, as the Glenn Bowers Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 1938 (McGinnis) – An Act designating a bridge on that portion of 17th Street over the 10th Avenue Expressway, City of Altoona, Blair County, as the Blair County Veterans Memorial Bridge.

H.B. 1939 (McGinnis) – An Act designating a bridge on that portion of S.R. 74 over 31st Street, City of Altoona, Blair County, as the Alvin E. Morrison Memorial Bridge.