Senate Bills 1432 and 1268

Senate Banking and Insurance Committee

June 25, 2014
10:30 a.m.
Room 461

SB 1432  |  Summary  (McIlhinney) – Ensures individuals seeking physical therapy, chiropractic, and occupational therapy who are sharing the cost of the care pursuant to a health insurance policy will not be charged multiple copayments and coinsurances for these services.

  • Amendment A08107  |  Summary  – Makes technical changes to removes applicability to coinsurances. Also adds a penalties section and a section allowing the Insurance Department to promulgate regulations to carry out provisions of the bill.

SB 1268  |  Summary  (Eichelberger) – Establishes the Navigator Accessibility and Regulation Act.

  • Amendment A08094  |  Summary – Expands the scope of the bill to include all exchange assisters. Makes several technical changes to assure consistency with existing insurance laws. Removes Section 4 (b) which states what a navigator may do. Removes most of the existing language in Section 4 (c) and replaces it with language largely taken from the Insurance Department’s Notice 2013-009 pertaining to the sale, solicitation, and negotiation of insurance.