Senate Bills 1440, 1450, Senate Resolution 414, House Bill 1718

Senate Education Committee

Friday, June 27, 2014

9:30 AM in Room 8 E-B


Senate Bill 1440 (Tomlinson) with amendment | Summary – Senate Bill 1440 amends the State System of Higher Education Intellectual Property Act to provide for the State-owned University Intellectual Property and Services Act.

Senate Bill (Folmer) | Summary– Senate Bill 1450 amends the Public School Code to provide for flexibility on the Keystone Exams.

Senate Resolution 414 (Smucker) | Summary– Senate Resolution 414 directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study alternative methods of authorizing charter schools and regional charter schools.

House Bill 1718 (Aument) | Summary – House Bill 1718 amends the Public School Code to provide for an online education initiative.