Senate Passes Alloway Landowner Protection Measure

For Immediate Release

HARRISBURG — The Senate approved legislation today that would protect landowners from being held responsible for the actions of other hunters and trappers who use the land, according to the bill’s sponsor Senator Richard Alloway II (R-33).

Senate Bill 648 would shield landowners from criminal liability for unlawful acts committed by individuals who have been given permission to take game or wildlife on the landowner’s property. The protection would only apply when the landowner does not charge a fee or payment for use of the land.

“Current law provides a strong deterrent for landowners to allow anyone else to hunt or trap on their land, and the potential consequences create a serious issue for farmers and others who need to protect their crops,” said Alloway, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. “We should encourage landowners to open their land for hunting and trapping instead of punishing them for the dubious activities of other sportsmen.”

Senate Bill 648 was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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