Senate recognizes Juvenile Justice Programs

The Senate today adopted a Resolution introduced by Senator Randy Vulakovich, Chairman of the Senate Aging and Youth Committee, marking October 20th through 24th as Juvenile Detention Centers and Alternative Programs Week in Pennsylvania.

“I worked with a number of kids who were on the brink, just one bad life choice away from entering the legal system as a youthful offender.  Many made it and became productive members of society. Unfortunately, some did not,” said Senator Vulakovich, who served with the Shaler Township Police Department, including six years with the D.A.R.E. program.  “No matter what good intentions we have and what positive prevention programs are in place, some young people are going to end up in the juvenile justice system.”

Pennsylvania operates 15 secure detention centers.  These facilities provide 726 beds statewide for approximately 15,000 admissions to juvenile detention each year.

“The heart of these operations are the corrections officers, counselors and other professionals who monitor the young people in the system and hopefully help a majority of them straighten out their lives and avoid the behaviors and poor choices that could mean incarceration as an adult offender,” said Sen. Vulakovich, who serves as a Senate representative on the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.  “This resolution recognizes the key role juvenile detention centers and alternative programs play in the ongoing protection of our communities and the care of youth in their custody.”


Nate Silcox
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