Senate Republican Leaders Issue Statement on Commonwealth Court Orders

(HARRISBURG) – Senate Republican Leaders have issued the following statement on today’s Commonwealth Court orders regarding home health-care workers:

“Today’s Commonwealth Court preliminary injunction orders are a victory for those who provide care and those who depend on help from home health-care workers.  The orders rightly prohibit the Department of Human Services from executing Governor Wolf’s overreaching home health-care workers executive order.

“The preliminary injunction was awarded today because – just like Governor Rendell did in 2010 – Governor Wolf is attempting to implement a program that violates state law. Five years after the first ruling, another Democratic judge has issued a preliminary injunction stopping this action.

“It is disconcerting that following today’s decision, the governor tried mightily to put a positive spin on court orders that clearly forbid his Administration from moving this effort forward.

“We will continue our pursuit of intervening in this matter to support the freedom of individual home health-care workers to work independently and directly with those for whom they provide care.”


Drew Crompton (Senator Scarnati),
Jenn Kocher (Senator Corman),
Matt Moyer (Senator Browne),
Todd Roup (Senator Gordner),