Senator Corman Statement on Recall of Nominees, Attempted Removal of Director of Open Records Office

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement following Gov. Wolf’s recall of nominees and attempted removal of the Director of the Office of Open Records:

“Just seven days ago, Gov. Wolf said: ‘My experience is Senators look at the qualifications, not the ideology,’ he said. ‘I think they’ll look at the overall picture and say, ‘Are these people competent and qualified?’…’

With today’s blanket recall and attempted removal of Erik Arneson as Director of the Office of Open Records, Gov. Wolf shows he firmly places ideology above qualifications.

The Senate will perform our due diligence on all cabinet and other nominees – regardless of who submitted their name for consideration.

The confirmation process includes submitting ethics forms, other paperwork and hearings that allow the Senate to do a thorough review of a nominee’s experience before voting. We are being sensible by providing each candidate with the opportunity to have their qualifications be fully examined before making any decisions.”

Full story calling for placing “ideology above qualifications”:

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