Senator Folmer Visits Colorado for Medical Cannabis Education

Senator Mike Folmer will be visiting Colorado Springs, Colorado from May 30 to June 1 to meet with “medical refugees” from Pennsylvania, patients and families that have been forced to leave their home state in order to receive medical treatments to fight their illnesses. Folmer will be traveling with Bob Owens, O.D. from New Holland and member of the American Academy of Optometry’s Ocular Nutrition Society; Thomas Trite, P.D., Doctor of Pharmacy from Harrisburg; Terry Shultz from State College, a clinical director of Wardell and Associates with over 20 years of direct family counseling; and Kendra Nichols of ABC27. Each is paying their own way – no taxpayer moneys are being used.

During Folmer’s trip, he will visit The Realm of Caring Foundation, which provides medication to patients from Pennsylvania, because medical cannabis is not an accepted form of medical treatment in their home state. Meeting with these families and learning from this facility will hopefully help to advance Folmer’s efforts with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, Senate Bill 1182, in Pennsylvania.

The Realm of Caring Foundation it notably known for breeding a high CBD strain of medical cannabis, known as “Charlotte’s Web,” which was featured on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN specials. Folmer will be meeting with the Stanley brothers, the founding cultivators, who were recognized for their accomplishments in 2012 on National Geographic. The group will be touring The Realm of Caring Foundation’s medical cannabis growing, manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as their medical dispensary. Joel Stanley will conduct the tour to illustrate how Colorado is efficiently and effectively allowing patients safe access to medical cannabis to treat their illness.

“Knowledge is power, and anything I can do to help educate Pennsylvanians who have been resistant to this medication is vital,” said Folmer. “I ask you to put yourself in these patient’s position: to have to leave your home, family, work, and so on, just to have access to a safe and natural medication that actually helps, that allows them to have an improved quality of life.”

Contact: Fred Sembach and Fallon Binner
(717) 787-5708