Senator Scarnati Announces Pennsylvania Elk Drawing Moved to Elk County

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania’s annual Elk License Drawing will be held at the Elk County Visitor’s Center this summer, according to Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25).

The 2014 drawing will take place at the Elk County Visitor’s Center on Saturday, August 16, 2014, in conjunction with the Keystone Elk Country Alliance Elk Festival.

“I am very pleased that the Game Commission has followed my recommendation and decided that the Elk License Drawing will take place in Elk County this year,” Scarnati said.  “Year after year, Pennsylvania residents and visitors from out-of-state, come to the northwestern region of our Commonwealth to see the impressive herds of elk and other wildlife.  Holding the Elk License Drawing during the Keystone Elk Country Alliance Elk Festival will encourage a larger number of people to visit the region to experience the Festival, while also spurring greater economic development for this rural portion of our state.”

Scarnati explained that last December he introduced an Amendment to Senate Bill 1190 to legislate that the annual license drawing be a part of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance Elk Festival.  The drawing is administered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and has been held at the Game Commission offices in Harrisburg in previous years.

“Holding the Elk License Drawing at a convenient place and during a time when sportsmen and sportswomen can be present is a great way to make this process more transparent and accessible to the public,” Scarnati stated.

Senate Game & Fisheries Committee Chairman Rich Alloway also expressed support for the decision to move the location of the Elk License Drawing.

“The annual Elk License Drawing is a popular attraction for sportsmen from across the country, so the event should showcase all of the natural resources the area has to offer,” Alloway said. “Holding the drawing in Elk County not only provides an economic boost to the region, but also helps to highlight the conservation and habitat preservation efforts funded by the licensing program.”

According to Scarnati, the Elk License Drawing will be open to both residents and non-residents of the Commonwealth.  Once the Game Commission Board of Commissioners finalizes the dates of this year’s elk hunting season and hunting allocations, hunters will be notified directly of the change.

“The decision to hold the Elk License Drawing where the elk are located is an exercise in good common sense,” Scarnati stated.  “The Pennsylvania Game Commission has recently made some concerning choices, however this decision to move the drawing is clearly a step in the right direction and will better serve the interests of our sportsmen and sportswomen.  I am encouraged by the initiative taken by the Game Commission is this instance and will continue to work with them to help restore the public’s trust in the Agency.”


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