Senator Vulakovich introduces bill for local police use of radar

Senator Randy Vulakovich today introduced Senate Bill 1340, legislation that would allow Pennsylvania’s municipal police departments to use radar as a means of speed enforcement.

“Every state but Pennsylvania permits their local police to use radar for monitoring traffic speed.  In Pennsylvania, only the State Police are authorized to use radar,” said Sen. Vulakovich, a former municipal police officer.  “We often talk about equipping our officers with the latest and best in technology; however, for some reason Pennsylvania has not yet provided its law enforcement officers with radar technology that has been around since World War II.  It is well past time we provide our officers with this speed enforcement mechanism.”

SB 1340, which has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee, is supported by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, the Pennsylvania Municipal League, the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, the Pennsylvania Association of Township Commissioners, the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors and the Pennsylvania State Mayors Association.


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