Senator Vulakovich introduces legislative reform measure

State Senator Randy Vulakovich (R-Allegheny and Butler counties) today introduced legislation requiring elected officials to provide receipts in order to receive reimbursement from the Commonwealth.

Senate Bill 1291 is now before the Senate State Government Committee for consideration.

Currently, House and Senate members can submit for an “Unvouchered Per Diem” – meaning legislators can claim up to $159 daily for performing legislative duties outside of their legislative districts and while in Harrisburg without submitting receipts.

“My legislation would simply require legislators – just like other state employees – to submit their receipts in order to obtain reimbursement,” said Senator Vulakovich.  “There have been too many media reports questioning the integrity of the state’s unvouchered per diem system of reimbursement and thereby questioning the integrity of the user of the system.  It’s time we end this practice and make the system more accountable.”

This bill represents one portion of Senator Vulakovich’s State Government Reform Plan.  “I will soon be introducing legislation requiring all state government employees – in the executive, legislative and judicial branches – to contribute the same health care co-payment.  I will also be introducing legislation eliminating – with very few exceptions – state employees having personal state cars.”


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