Senators Scarnati & Corman Issue Statement on Syrian Refugees

(HARRISBURG) – Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25) and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) released the following statement regarding Syrian refugees:

“The recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris emphasize the tremendous need for government to do all that we can to protect our citizens from radicals who want to cause harm. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of victims of this senseless violence last week.

“We recognize there are federal regulatory aspects of this issue, however we are greatly troubled that despite the attacks, Governor Wolf will move forward with plans for Syrian refugees to relocate to Pennsylvania without first ensuring a full-scale review of the screening process for these refugees has been conducted.

“We believe the Governor should put the safety and security of Pennsylvania first by encouraging President Obama, our Congressional delegation and the federal government to further strengthen the refugee screening process. Until there is a clear and transparent process in place to screen refugees to ensure terrorists are not able to enter the United States and threaten our freedoms, we should not be allowing Syrian refugees to relocate to Pennsylvania.”


Drew Crompton – Senator Scarnati (717) 787-7084
Jenn Kocher – Senator Corman (717) 787-1377