Consideration of SR 250, SB 1194, HB 198 and 1164

Senate Education Committee
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
9:00 AM in Room 8-EA

Meeting to Consider Bills


Senate Resolution 250 (Argall) | Summary – Senate Resolution 250 provides for a Legislative Budget and Finance Committee study on merging public school health employees under the same group health benefits.

Senate Bill 1194 (White) with amendment | Summary – Senate Bill 1194 amends the Public School Code to provide for cooperative police service agreements between school districts and municipalities.

Amendment A05696

House Bill 198 (Neilson) with amendment | Summary – House Bill 198 establishes the Dyslexia Screening Pilot Program.

Amendment A05027

House Bill 1164 (Murt) | Summary – House Bill 1164 establishes the Higher Education Course Scheduling Preference for Veteran Students Act.