Wolf School Cuts

Governor Wolf’s School Cuts – How Do They Affect You?

Lawmakers passed a budget in March that added $200 million in new funding for Pennsylvania schools. This money was supposed to be distributed to school districts based on a bipartisan funding formula that was developed after months of public hearings and cooperation among lawmakers, school administrators, education advocates, teachers and parents. It was a plan the Governor applauded in June (PennLive: Gov. Wolf praises new plan for doling out money to Pa. schools).

Fast forward to today – Governor Wolf thumbed his nose at the bipartisan education formula and instead decided to create his own formula that took millions of dollars from rural and suburban districts and directed that money to his political allies. As a result, 428 of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts will receive less money to educate our children.

In addition to using an unfair formula to distribute education money, Governor Wolf vetoed a related budget bill  — a move that is still causing headaches for local schools. The Fiscal Code amendments rejected by the Governor included funding that was promised to school districts to reimburse them for the state’s share of the cost for repairs, construction and renovations. As a result, more than $350 million in reimbursements are being withheld from schools districts. Click here to see how your school district is affected.

Click on your county below to see how Governor’s Wolf’s school cuts affect your community. Contact Governor Wolf and tell him that your tax dollars should be distributed fairly to schools, and not based on his political preferences.

Web: www.governor.pa.gov/contact
Twitter: @GovernorTomWolf
Phone: 717-787-2500

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